Gracious Hands Transitional Housing 

Our mission is to provide each family with 

resources and solutions to move them 

from homeless to housing and self-sufficiency.

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Homelessness can be a revolving door if steps are not taken to prevent future displacement.

Parents will be eligible to receive career planning services, skill assessments, child care assistance, job seeking services, and job training to encourage self-sufficiency.

Financial counseling, budgeting classes, smart shopping, parenting, and meal planning classes are also offered to enrich and support the family’s growth to independence.

Permanent housing plans will be individually developed through a coordinated effort between the family and staff


Transitional Housing 

Affordable Housing along with the appropriate Support Services. 

Life Skills

Job Readiness, Career Assessment, Financial Literacy and Training.


Personal and Family Counseling for residents to gain and cope with life. 

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Since the day I first walked into Gracious Hands, I knew that this was the place to be and where God had sent me to get a piece of mind and get my life together. Since I 've been here I have begun to love myself all over again so that I can love my Children correctly and move forward in every aspect in life.I started saving right away, I knew thenthat I was getting closer to the start of my victory. I was able to go to school and obtain my cna license and it doesn't stop ther, I received a job within the next week making 15 dollars an hour. I am now finishing up my phlebotomy course and getting back in school to get my cna2, Ekg, and medical assistant license. Being at Gracious Hands has brought me a couple of places in only a few months. Ms. Sonja is like another Mother to me and she has pushed me to to be Great, she knew I had it in me I really appreciate her for opening her doors to Young women like me Gracious Hands has provided me with many resources that I needed to be a successful woman and I will love Mrs Sonja Always!

I moved into Gracious Hands on the 15th of January 2017 and I can honestly say it changed my life as well as my outlook on life. Just the sheer thought of stability, security, and coming into contact with someone who cared allowed me to feel a little saner. My worries were put to rest and my goals were finally a more possible thing to reach. I knew at this place it was only one way to go and that was UP! When I arrived to Charlotte I was a young mother looking for her way in a new city, so meeting Mrs. Sonja brought me so much joy for myself and my daughter! She often listened to my story, my goals, and my journey to success and often times reminded me that I was destined for greatness. I’m am so grateful that her transitional home was a safe environment and gave me inner peace knowing that myself and my daughter was safe at all times. From church, to spa days, to the mother and father daughter dance (which was beautiful) I will never forget the positive impact Gracious Hands had for me. To be able to stumble across such a helpful program as well as a beautiful soul as Mrs. Sonja that’s a blessing in itself.

I just want to say thank you Ms. Sonja for running Gracious Hands and allowing me to stay there rent free. Thank you for making me take responsibility for my actions and helping me save my money. A lot of people turned me and my one year old daughter (at the time) down, but you didn't. You welcomed us in made us feel comfortable. You had a vision for me I didn't see for myself. You let me know that God was first and as long as I put him first I will be blessed. I watched you come in everyday to take care of us. You helped me out of your own pockets when my car was down you and the Gracious Hands Transitional Housing has been a blessing and I'm grateful that you let us in. We love you and appreciate you so much! Stay blessed.


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