Gracious Hands Transitional Housing 

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Transitional Housing 
Affordable supportive housing designed to provide housing and appropriate support services to persons who are homeless or who are close to homelessness. The transition is to help them be more self-sufficient to move towards independent living on their own. One of the most important strategies for lifting families from homeless is rapid –rehousing. However, here at Gracious Hands we like to focus on the holistic view of encouraging woman to get back in the community and on their own in the right way, so they do not repeat the same cycle over and over.

Our goal is to help single mothers, women, and their families return to self sufficiency. We do that by providing an affordable temporary housing situation. Our program at Gracious has a 12 month residency cap however,  most of our residents successfully transition before that 12 month period ends. during their stay, and transition back into the community, families will receive skills training, job readiness training, financial literacy training and counseling, employment assistance, childcare assistance, permanent housing assistance, among other life skills that will help them become self-sufficient.

Life Skills (Job Readiness, Career Assessment, Financial Literacy & Training)

A part of helping our residents find self-sufficiency also includes preventing recidivism. We want to ensure that our residents are prepare to survive on their own again, the best way they know how once they leave Gracious Hands. Not only do we want to prepare them for life, we want to understand what they want to do with their life. We want to understand what our residents are good at, what they have a passion for, and things they desire to do. Whether it be the need to further education, to get into a desired career or seeking the training needed to enhance their skill set, Gracious Hands is here to help make our residents become the best person they can be in order to be self-sufficient. We believe that if our residents are on this path, this will ultimately increase the chances of them being happy with everything they do, bring purpose to their lives, and increase the want and need to be self-sufficient.

Therapy (Personal and Family Counseling)

Outside of the assistance and programs we provide, our residents still need to find ways to cope with life. Therefore, we offer may opportunities for each one. Our therapeutic services provide comprehensive mental health and therapeutic methods to assist each resident with their needs in every facet of life. We believe therapy is a unique process and everybody has a different need view on what would help them in their walk of life. , we want to help our residents to feel comfortable in the sense that they are not alone in their journey.

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