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Gracious Hands is a non-profit organization that serves homeless women with children in the Charlotte, NC area. The rate of homeless women with children is at an all time high in this area. 

As a single mom, founder and current director, Sonja Chisolm, always imagined if she won the lottery, she would have a home for single women and their children. One day, God spoke to Sonja and told her, "when I gave you that vision, that was the lottery". Sonja stepped out on faith and Gracious Hands started with humble means in a rental property on February 28, 2015. That rental property was full within 30 days. The need was great. 

The first property purchase was in November of 2018. In January of 2019, that house held 5 women and 8 children. The second property was purchased in February of 2020. The first resident moved in on July 5th. By the end of July, that home will be full as well. 

In August of 2019, G.H. opened a clothing closet, "Jimmy's Lub Closet" - Jimmy loved helping the homeless and when he passed away, a collaboration was formed and the family started a non profit in his honor. It is part of the Jimmy Core foundation. 

One of the most important strategies for lifting families from homelessness is rapid re-housing. The quicker families are connected with permanent housing and provided with support, training, and assistance, the quicker families can return to self-sufficiency.

Gracious Hands is a transitional program and is not intended for permanent housing. The program will cap assistance at twelve months. Within twelve months the families will receive help with job training, job readiness, assistance with seeking and maintaining employment, childcare assistance, permanent housing assistance and financial counseling.  Applicants are screened to assess current needs, future needs, and for prior displacement history.

Gracious Hands is a temporary home, equipped with supportive resources to "LOVE WOMEN AND CHILDREN BACK TO LIFE".

Over 240 Women have entered our doors and 70% of those women have had successful transitioned into their own homes, restored their credit and saved 5,000, individually, before moving out. 

G.H. is not state or federally funded. We are totally funded via grants, private donors and donations. 

Our Story

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